Knowledge institutes




Life Sciences Research Partners VZW, formerly called D. Collen Research Foundation VZW, was founded in 1988 by prof. Désiré Collen. The purpose of the non-profit organization is to carry out, promote and support biomedical and biotechnological research. The specific activities of the association are among others awarding of research grants, research mandates and traveling scholarships, the organization and financing of scientific congresses and symposia, financial support of publications, supporting young biotech companies and any other related activities that support or help to propagate the advancement of science.



KU Leuven (University of Leuven) was founded in 1425 and has a long-standing tradition in top-level research in life sciences, engineering, exact sciences and humanities. Together with multidisciplinary centres of excellence and the Leuven University Hospitals, one of the largest European university hospital infrastructures, it actively supports cross-border innovations. KU Leuven Research & Development (LRD) is the technology transfer office of the university. LRD is dedicated to building bridges between science and industry and to transferring knwoledge and technologies to the marketplace.



VIB is a research institute with the main objective to gather innovative basic knowledge on the normal and abnormal or pathological processes occurring in a cell, an organ and an organism (humans, plants, micro organisms), using gene technological research. This is the reason why VIB conducts strategic basic research in the various life science domains. 

The AVEVE Group is the market leader in agricultural and horticultural supplies in Belgium. It also operates the largest garden centre chain of the country. The AVEVE Group distinguishes itself by believing and investing unconditionally in the future of agriculture and horticulture in Belgium. Profits are re-invested within the group. The focus of investments are infrastructure, innovative projects, and the research & development department.