• Bio-incuabtor looks for the most apropriate infrastructure together with the company;
  • Bio-incubator makes an inventory of specific needs;
  • Bio-incubator provides solutions for technical needs;
  • Bio-incuabtor coordinates the move of the company.


  • Assistance in solving logistic problems;
  • Follow-up of the facility management such as cleaning, phone service, security devices;
  • Monitoring of temperatures in rooms;
  • Coordination of services regarding needs for additional phone and ICT equipment;
  • Coordination of waste management;
  • Guidance in finding solutions for the storage of dangerous gasses and chemicals;
  • Support when working with animals;


  • Assistance in applying for the necessary environmental permits;
  • Help when applying for specific permits, depending on the business activities;
  • Support in case of environmental inspections.



The European Regional Development Fund (EFRO) contributes 65,680 euro to support the general and technical, logistical and environment-technical services offered by the manager.


All pictures © Peter Maris