About “Geens NPO”

Our activities on the internet have reached a point where only a few companies - in an oligopoly - control our everyday activities. They use their scale to make fortunes to sell your privacy related data. What is more, you have even no more choice and your freedom is under attack. Currently, you have no access to a WIFI or a restaurant page without a social media login; in the near future, probably even not to critical services.
We have founded the GEENS NPO to empower you. Your membership gives us the possibility to continue building state of the art solutions that protect your privacy. GEENS - an ecosystem for digital services - makes you to decide what to connect to the IoT, what wearables should report to who or what the taxi service has to know of where you are. GEE - our utility token - is a bartering tool that protects your privacy and gains value.
Blockchain is not that magic that it can fulfill all dreams in one catch: the technology is made for efficient transactions and payments. GEENS bridges between efficiency and privacy delivering a user owned trusted place supervised by an ethical (technical and social) committee.