Mission & vision

Bio-incubator Leuven is fully dedicated to biomedical life sciences and offers opportunities for both start-ups and established companies. Bio-incubator provides multifunctional ventilated office and lab space, as well as general and technical, logistical and environment-technical support, to R&D intensive lifge sciences companies with high growth potentials.

Bio-incubator Leuven is situated in the Arenberg Science Park, which housed many ICT and other high-tech companies. In response to the increasing demand for specialised incubation space in the life sciences sector, the existing facilities have been expanded with a third building. The three Bio-Incubator buildings each have several modules that offer state of the art laboratory and office facilities. For the construction of the second and third Bio-Incubator building the European Regional Development Fund has contributed 1,970,470 euro and 1,222,090 euro respectively.