Bio-incubator in the knowledge region Leuven

Centrally located in Flanders and Europe, the Leuven region, with its renowned knowledge institutes, its incubators and science parks, and the presence of venture capitalists, provides fertile ground for innovation and high-tech entrepreneurship. Knowledge institutes such as KU Leuven, the Leuven University Hospitals and important research centres like imec and VIB (Flemish Institute for Biotechnology) generate a huge inflow of state-of-the-art knowledge that entails innovative ideas for new as well as existing companies.

The Bio-incubator is fully embedded in this knowledge region. Several incubators, science and business parks, network partners and knowledge institutes are within close proximity. The companies that reside at Bio-incubator collaborate closely with several KU Leuven research groups and other knowledge institutes.

In this brochure, you can find more information on the knowledge region Leuven [.pdf, 4 mb].