Networks & partners

Flanders Investment and Trade provides confidential advice free of charge to businesses looking to set up or expand operations in the Flanders region of Belgium. Its aim is to promote sustainable international business in the interests of both Flanders based companies and foreign enterprises through the synergies and widened networks and expertise.

FlandersBio is a dynamic not-for-profit, fee based organisation that supports and facilitates the biotech sector’s sustained development. The FlandersBio network brings together companies with innovative, R&D-driven activities in the life sciences (the development of  biopharmaceuticals, medical technologies or agricultural or industrial biotech products). Members of the network are companies with production activities based in Flanders as well as academic research institutes and providers of capital, services and technologies to the life sciences community.

FlandersBio offers an overview of all Belgian biotech companies listed on the stock market on

IWT is the government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology. This agency helps Flemish companies and research centres in realizing their research and development projects by offering them financial funding, advice and a network of potential partners in Flanders and abroad. The Flemish Government innovation policy is also supported by IWT.

Leuven.Inc wants to build a permanent bridge between the enterprising knowledge creators and the technology entrepreneurs, that complement such knowledge, and to create out of this supplementary relationship a healthy and dynamic, future-oriented, expanding prosperity in the region of Leuven.